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Kepka company was established in 1992. From the beginning, we have focused on the production of industrial and laboratory furnaces and innovative Heat Treatment Systems for advanced materials, requiring an unconventional approach using the latest available technologies. Our mission is to manufacture profesional, custom-made thermal processing devices. In response to customer needs, we create furnaces with the best range of personalization options choice. 

As the only ones on the market, we produce ceramics furnaces based on the experience gained through running our own Product and Technical Ceramics Factory – Manufaktura Chodzieska.

It all started with the founder of Kepka – Dariusz Kepka. After establishing his own ceramics factory, he was looking for a furnace which would guarantee the perfect firing for his products. He noticed, there was no furnace on the market that would meet his expectations. In this moment he decided to design and manufacture his own. The first Kepka furnace was created on the basis of many years of tests, experience and improvements – it worked for years without failure, was solid and durable. Today his work is continued – Kepka furnaces are still manufactured on the base of constant improvements. Our mission is to provide our customers with heat treatment devices which we would like to use ourselves. Each device that leaves the Kepka factory is thoroughly checked by our specialists, because we know that customer satisfaction and peace is our greatest advert. 

We are currently developing the company’s operations in the areas of advanced technologies. We create complex tools for professional processing, among others, in the automotive, aviation, military and laboratory industries. We are constantly developing, our Software Development department, together with engineers, is constantly improving systems, an example of which is the patented Kepka ThermoTurbulance system.

  “Device should serve to the client, not the other way around.  Another words device’ operation shall be simple, intuitive and as precise as it can be”    –   Dariusz Kepka, Founder 

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