Best Buy in it’s category,
Intuitive, easy to use for beginners, affordable and reliable as second furnace for your studio and production. Solid, technically advanced for professionals

Thanks to the fact of having a sister company “Manufaktura Chodzieska” which specialize in manufacture of ceramic we fully understand the needs and challenges behind ceramic industry. We create furnaces based on 30 years of experience and constant modernization – personalized to ensure perfect sintering every time. Choosing Kepka furnaces guarantees the success of each thermal treatment.

As standard: 

  • new, wider and shallower design for more convenient use
  • customizable dimension
  • adjustment to the width of the stairs or doors
  • multizone and multiside heating
  • left or right door opening
  • safe transport due to removable structure
  • Air Flap – Automatic ventilation flap
  • resistant acid-steel construction
  • multilayer isolation which enables lower energy consumption
  • Fresh Air Ducts (fresh air = high glazing)
  • low temperature of furnace surface (especially during long processes)
  • Electrical Safety Key

Chamber Furnaces for Ceramics in smaller sizes are available in our store.  Kepka design and manufacture complex, large, industrial Chamber Furnaces for Ceramics. We will suit furnace for your business with individual dimensions of the working chamber and power. Our Design Team will adapt the furnace to your needs and create a solid, reliable tool for heat treatment. Contact us, tell us what you need and let us take care of the rest!


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