Low Temperature Industrial Tunnel Kiln is a customer, resistance, guided kiln for Heat Treatment Processes of plastics that do not emit exhaust fumes, in atmosphere oxidizing. The maximum dimension of the workpieces must not exceed the length 1000 mm and 600 mm. The tunnel kiln is a kiln that uses resistance heating elements and a system fans with a thermo-circulation system that guarantees even distribution temperatures in heating zones. In order to optimize electricity consumption and increasing the precision of even temperature achievement – the heating system has remained divided into 15 independently controlled heating sections and a two-zone system.

1.Transport belt tension on the unloading side

2. Unloading area

3. The side covers of the kiln 

4. Flaps of the kiln

5. Thermo-circulation fans

6. Control cabinets

7. Loading area

8. Transport belt drive motor