The Drawer Heater is used for the Pre-Heat Treatment of Thermally Forced Fuel Lines. Power range 2 – 45kW. Electric chamber furnace is used for preheat elements before next production stages. Temperature range from 60°C to 250°C.
The insulation can be made of calcium silicate nanomaterials. TermoTurbulance™ Kepka system ensures a great temperature distribution, air insulation prevents the external covers from heating up. Depending on the conditions and customer expectations, we adjust the design, size and power of the device – our mission is an individual approach. The customer can adjust his Drawer Heater.

Thermoturbulance™ Kepka system with a very high flow rate. Kepka Drawer Heaters are always custom-made products – we create them specifically for customer requirements.

Pre Heating Devices - Drawer Heater