The new PRO series of Bentrup TC 705 controllers combines the concept of a fully intuitive user panel with the latest technology available.
TC 707 provides a fully flexible temperarture curve, up to 99 segments consisting of ramp and dwell each also for multiple heat up and cooling. TC707 is the perfect all-rounder for any tempe- rature processing in glass, laboratory and research.

Additional alphanumeric display for various process values during the firing.

The latest technological solutions:

– Controlling via Smartphone App (WebBox or Web- browser extension)

– Bluetooth connection

– High-resolution display provides the operator with access to important process data in one view

– The main temperature color changes on the display

– Status name displaying the output states

– The TC705 controller provides a 4-segment firing curve fully shown on the display for easy operation

Kepka is the official distributor of Bentrup controllers

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