Bentrup TC88e Temperature Controller – Complete Set

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Bentrup TC88e Temperature Controller – Complete Set


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Compact, reliable
Controller. Application
in Ceramic, Metal, 
Glass and Plastic. 


Possibility to change process settings such as entering max. temperature, choice of thermocouple, PID, minimum time of the connection/disconnection cycle (for the Contactor 30s, for SSR 3s) type of control, curve input method, time and temperature or ramp: oC/h. Compact, Reliable Controller which suits applications in Ceramic, Glass, Plastics, Metals. Fully flexible curve of Thermal Treatment (burning/annealing) and controlled cooling and setting the delay time of the process start.
The controller ensures high work safety and ease of use. The highest model at an attractive price. Up to 20 programs can be saved with 15 segments each. Displa showing a given segment in graphic form.



Set contains: 

  • Additional control output
  • Socket /w cable
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Manual

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Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Socket Type

HAN7DA (recommended), HAND15D

Thermocouple Type

Type J, Type K, Type R, Type S, Type X programmable

Contolling Type

Contactor, SSR (recomendet)



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