The highest quality SiC-based silicon carbide plates are mainly used as bottom plates in heat treatment furnaces.

The plates have a high thermal conductivity coefficient, thanks to which they heat up quickly and cool down quickly.

They have very high resistance to high temperatures, as well as to thermal shocks, which allows them to be used for fast firing and cooling processes / speed up to 300 ° C per hour /

The boards, when used at the highest temperatures / 1550 ° C /

Physical and thermal parameters
SiO2 8 %
Maximum working temperature1550 °C
Density2.7 – 2.8 g/cm3
Thermal expansion1,2 %
Thermal resistance1,2 %
Compressive strength40 Mpa
 45 Mpa



Plates are consumables. Due to their use, they are not covered by the warranty.