Kepka produce Tunnel Kilns for Glass and Ceramics based on Innovative Solutions from a new generation of insulation materials, high-temperature and heat-resistant steels with the highest strength, abrasion and operation (continuous and periodic) parameters at high temperatures.

The transport system with smooth adjustment of the time of the product’s passage through the furnace, many independent heating sections with an innovative heating system based on the appropriate correlation of heat transport by convection to radiation, makes our furnaces meet the most demanding technological parameters.

  • Standard working chamber widths:

    • 300, 600, 1200, 1800 [mm] 
  • Height of the working chamber:

    • from 120 to 280 [mm]
  • Kiln length:

    • from 12000 to 35000 [mm]
  • Equipment power:

    • from 30kW to 250kW
  • Circulation fans system:

    • in the highest zones temperatures is selected individually
  • Work’s character:

    • continuous or periodic (warming up and ready for work up to 30 minutes)
    • Working temperature: • from 200oC-950oC
    • Transport system
  • Controlling:

    • semi-automatic or automatic based on a PLC controller with process visualization, history, alarms, access thresholds for: operator, technologist, maintenance.


By running our own ceramic manufacture since 1992, we understand the needs and challenges faced by kilns owners. We create furnaces based on 30 years experience and constant modernization – personalized to ensure perfect firing every time

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Phone: +48 515 034 171
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