Tunnel Kilns for Metals and Alloys are used mainly in the agricultural industry – in particular in the production of disc harrows. They are also used in the automotive industry, for example when molding doors or other elements made of steel. Tunnel kilns for metals and alloys are used in all industries which requires use of heat treatment of steel.
Thanks to the use of several independent drive components, we can slow down the process at any given moment, and speed it up in others.

The maximum operating temperature for Metal and Alloys Tunnel Kilns is usually 1100°C

1. 600 mm
2. 900 mm
3. 1100 mm
4. 1400  mm

The length of the furnaces is typically between 10,000 mm and 50,000 mm. Possibility of adaptation to work with shielding gases or ENDO atmospheric gasesDue to the multi-layer modular insulation, Tunnel Kilns for Metals and Alloys designed by Kepka are extremely low energy consumption devices. Advanced solutions, in particular an electric, automatic heating system consisting of 4 to 10 independent heating sections.
Automation systems are based on SIMENS solutions, Kepka tunnel furnaces for metals and alloys have a complete process archiving and registration system. 

Tunnel furnaces for metals and alloys manufactured by Kepka have been appreciated by the most respected manufacturers of agricultural machinery and spare parts.  The decisive advantage of electric tunnel furnaces for metals and alloys over gas furnaces for metals and alloys should be emphasized:

  • greater precision and control over each segment of steel heat treatment
  • through the use of modern ergonomic solutions, electric tunnel kilns are much more economical: they provide an effective, fast programming and processing with a simultaneous lower energy consumption