CT 270 EKC – L

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Kepka Chamber Furnace for Ceramic
Intuitive, easy to use for beginners,
Affordable and reliable as second furnace for your studio and production
Solid, technically advanced for professionals

UPGRADE Your furnace!



Your perfect partner for
Firing Ceramic

Imagine yourself the peace you feel when you are sure that your every firing will be perfect.
This feeling is guaranteed by Kepka furnaces. Built on years of experience
and the latest technology as an ideal device for heat treatment of ceramics

Width 860 mm
Depth 530 mm
Height 590 mm
Power 20,0 kW
Heating 3 sides
Capacity 269 dm³
Work temperature up to 1310°C

Through running our own ceramics manufacture, we understand the needs and challenges faced by kilns owners. We create furnaces based on 30 years of experience and constant modernization – personalized to ensure perfect firing every time. Choosing Kepka furnaces is choose of furnaces created by professionals working with them on a daily basis, peace of mind and guarantee of the success of each thermal treatment.

As standard:

  • new, wider and shallower design for more convenient use
  • customizable dimension
  • adjustment to the width of the stairs or door
  • multizone (2G till 5G) and multiside (4S) heating
  • left or right door opening
  • safer transport due to removable bottom frame
  • Air Flap Automatic Ventilation Flap
  • resistant acid-steel construction
  • multilayer isolation lower energy consumption
  • Fresh Air Ducts, fresh air = high glazing
  • lower cover temperature (especially during long processes)
  • Electrical Safety Key


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KEPKA | Chamber Ceramic Furnance

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Bentrup TC66, Bentrup TC705 – recommended, Bentrup TC707 – recommended, Bentrup TC88, Bentrup TC88e

Door opening direction

Left, Right





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