CT 541 EKF Power+

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Chamber Furnace for Fusing and Glass
Powerful, durable, intuitive, smart
Precise Thermal Processes

UPGRADE Your furnace!



Your perfect partner for
Heat Treatment Processes of Glass and Fusing

Imagine yourself the peace you feel when you are sure that your every process will be perfect.
This feeling is guaranteed by Kepka furnaces. Built on years of experience
and the latest technology as an ideal device for heat treatment of Glass and Fusing

Width 1630 mm
Depth 830 mm
Height 400 mm
Rated Power 30,0 kW
Rated Voltage 230/400 V
Thermocouple Type K
Working Temperature 960°C
Working Table Steady
Controlling Bentrup TC88e
Ventilation Air Flap (Manual/Automatic) Optional
Support frame for safe installation and leveling of the furnace – Yes, wheels
Working Chamber Capacity 541 dm³
Work temperature up to 1310°C

Powerful chamber furnace for fusing and glass. Kepka furnaces ensure precise thermal processes due to heating elements, protected in quartz tubes, ensure an even temperature distribution during fusing or bending overt the entire surface of the table. Fibrous insulation in the furnace ensure clean and safe work. The high-current connection capacities ensure a rapid heating of the fusing furnace.

Kepka Chamber Furnace for Glass and Fusing has been specially designed for artist who enjoy working with glass. Thermal insulation with a very conductive thermal conductivity (0.15 W/mK), production from pressed fibrous materials ensures low electricity consumption, quick temperature reaching and uniform cooling. Equal lining of the bottom of the chamber are insulated with fibrous material to eliminate the difference in thermal expansion of ceramic materials, thermal accumulation of insulation and glass. Heating elements are placed on the roof of the working chamber in the form of a spiral in quartz glass tubes – heat transfer by radiation, very leveled from the lowest temperatures.

Power+ Option – choose the force with Power+ and increase the strength of your furnace for even better heat treatment of glass and fusing!

As standard:

  • smart controlling intuitive temperature controller Bentrup TC88e
    Online Bentrup TC 88 Video Manual


  • Tmax 960°
  • precise control without oscillation – a very important parameter during very long processes
  • solid state relays provide for low-noise operation
  • customizable working chamber direction
  • multizone and multiside heating
  • easy to assemble – Plug and Play
  • lower cover temperature
  • safer transport due to removable bottom frame
  • Air Flap Automatic Ventilation Flap
  • resistant acid-steel construction
  • multilayer isolation lower energy consumption
  • direction of door opening – up (pneumatic actuators, additional option: hydraulically opened, electrically opened)

Closely arranged heating elements protected in quartz glass tubes ensure very good temperature accuracy during fusing or bending on the complete area of the table. All models have an appealing, dual-shell stainless steel housing. The level table surface made from rugged, durable refractory material and the lid opening with gas pressure springs as support simplify charging of the furnace. The optimized electrical connected load ensures that the glass heats up quickly.

AutoTune Function (applies to TC88 / TC88e control) – automatic tuning of the furnace operating conditions depending on the type of charge, process characteristics, technology. In PID control, the output reacts depending on the value of 3 parameters: Proportional, Integral and Derivative. The values of these parameters affect the delivery of the correct amount of power to maintain the temperature at the reference signal without oscillation. For stable, vibration-free control of the object – the values of these 3 parameters must be matched to the characteristics of the controlled process. In Bentrup controllers, this function is performed automatically using an advanced self-tuning algorithm.

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Bentrup TC66, Bentrup TC705 – recommended, Bentrup TC707 – recommended, Bentrup TC88, Bentrup TC88e







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