Bentrup TC66

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An intuitive controller which fits to every kiln’s type. Intuitive, easy to use, reliable, stores up to 6 programs.


Kepka jest oficjalnym dystrybutorem sterowników firmy Bentrup

Compact, efficient controller suitable for any type of stove. Fully adjustable intermediate temperature curve and downstream to the end temperature of the holding process.
Thermocomputer allows you to enter the value needed to control the cooling process and allows you to set the delay start time of the process.

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Dodatkowe informacje

Waga1 kg
Drugie wyjście sterujące

No, Yes

Typ Gniazda:

HAN7DA (recommended), HAND15D

Typ Termopary

Type J, Type K, Type R, Type S, Type X programmable

Typ kontrolowania

Contactor, SSR (recomendet)



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