Technology: industrial thermoforing, automotive production, agriculture industry, abrasive materials, cutting materials, aerospace industry, technological solutions in military industry


We are a producer of furnaces and heat treatment solutions. Our furnaces will suit both for advanced professionals as well as for beginners: convenient in use, reliable with guarantee of perfect course of the process every time.

270 EKC-L

New design chamber furnace for firing ceramics with advanced Electrical Safety and programmable automatic Air Flap

CT 730-W-5S

New generation chamber furnace for firing decoration and ceramics with convenient manual or automatic trolley

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Applied for technological advanced thermal processing mainly in automotive, aviation, laboratory, glass, ceramic and military industry. Due to the solid structure and the use of latest heat transportation solutions, energy efficiency (use of heat from cooling zone to preheating with low conductivity composite insulation) and the precision of maintaining recipe parameters. Kepka tunnel kilns are appreciated by the most demanding customers.


First we start with idea, then we move towards experiments and at the end final test implementation with our reliable thermal treatment device. Our Software Development Team work together with the Automation and Design Department in cooperation with experienced professionals in order to produce innovative solutions, that you can rely on. We meet the expectations of custumers all over the world, constantly improving our furnaces to make them intuitive, economical, built according to the “maintenance free” principle. 



Our vision is to design smart technology for professional thermal processes which meet current and future expectations of our customers. Proprietary solutions designed by our Software Development Team are used in high technology industries.
The Future is Kepka.


Security comes first and because of that Kepka chamber  furnaces and tunnel kilns combine comfort with maximum safety. Security at Kepka even extends the latest standards and requirements for your certainty. Intelligent solutions together with mechanical and engineering common sense keeps you safe with us.


  • Light and sound signals

  • Elimination of the fire risk

  • Strong isolation

  • Visible Turn Off buttons and Loto Lockout Systems

  • Shielding gases protection

  • Protection for hydrogen systems

  • Security drivers

  • Temperature limiters

  • Pneumatic systems

  • Independent hardware

  • Safety Keys

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Static Furnace is a modern application which operates air circulation at low-temperature during time-consuming processes (in which the load is often very heavy and requires temperature uniformity). Static furnace method introduces the possibility of controlling the intensity of air flow and inflow of fresh air if needed – to replace the furnace atmosphere. Static furnace can be used horizontally or vertically. It facilitates configuration, provides great flexibility and economical approach for multi-cell systems.

The Hybrid System enables manual work for non-standard processes requiring very fast heating in one chamber with high precision and then – high speed cooling in the other chamber, which cools down the temperature up to 0ºC with strong air flow. It is a great solution for rapid prototyping of processes and test series of newly introduced products. The great versatility of this solution made the automotive and aviation industries appreciating this system!

Constant process refers to repeatability of heat treatment, especially in areas where high quality is the key factor of the production. These requirements are accomplished by our Tunnel Kilns together with heating systems with air circulation, infrared heating systems and forced convection. Tunnels can be built in simple forms or with automatic blockchain returns. Continuous heating systems are our strong side of business as we are a leader in this field. Kepka solutions have been trusted by the largest global concerns around the world.


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