Powerful chamber furnace for annealing, hardening and tempering  metals and alloys. Kepka furnaces ensure precise processes due to a properly selected heating and measuring system with guarantee precise controlling. Carefully selected and thought-out pieces are analyzed, tested and experimented to enable effective operation of the set temperature and long-term preservation.
The construction of the furnaces enables easy loading. Robust construction suitable for industry. Our chamber furnaces for metals and alloys are equipped with very (for low temperature processes) which ensures quick heating and even temperature distribution. Both of these features are essential for achieving perfect stock annealing results.

Our standard:

  • customizable working chamber direction
  • multizone and multiside heating
  • easy to assemble intuitive temperature controller Bentrup 2010
  • lower cover temperature
  • safer transport due to removable bottom frame
  • Air Flap Automatic Ventilation Flap
  • resistant acid-steel construction
  • multilayer isolation lower energy consumption
  • variants of configuration’s solutions for 700°C, 900°C, 1010°C, 1310°C
  • retorty for protective gas requirements
  • automatic loading and unloading
Annealing  – Kepka annealing furnaces are equipped with a very strong circulation to ensure rapid heating and even heat distribution – key factors affecting the result during load annealing. For our customers, we design energy-saving continuous annealing furnaces which are ideal for high-performance production.  The ideal result for annealing thermal processes.
Tempering – for tempering process furnace uses ceramic heating elements lined with electric wires or coils to evenly heat the sample chamber to different heating ranges depending on the desired material properties of the product. When it comes to the tempering element, key factors are: simple and precise temperature regulation and even temperature distribution. After years of designing and improving our furnaces, we have created the Best Buy option in the market
Hardening is a heat treatment process in which steel is kept at a suitable temperature until it transforms into austenite and then quickly quenched. Based on the carbon content of the steel, the austenitizing temperature is decided. Extending the heating time completely transforms the core into austenite. The final microstructure of the hardened steel is either ferrite or martensite. Kepka has designed a durable, practical device. The furnace is made of materials that protect the bottom from damage, ergonomic to reduce operating costs. We design furnaces with perfect temperature distribution and an emphasis on the shortest possible route to the bath for the hot charge. In this way, we avoid the need to cooperate with specialized companies and save time, effort and money.



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