Housing inside the thermo-circulation chamber + special execution of rotors made out of steel adapted to work at temperatures even above 1000°C .

Thermo-circulation motors are made to work in difficult environment. Our engines have: heavy duty bearings as well as winding, extended shafts, with additional external cooling and heat radiators. Quiet, stable and failure-free operation for several years with controlled Dynamic Air Flow.

TermoTurbulence Kepka guarantees reliable and homogeneous heat distribution throughout the chamber. Regardless of the shape, thickness, size and location of the element, with the elimination of dead zones. Directional laminar flows with very low pressure and hot air compression, which can be adjusted at any time and regulation of the furnace at the stage of its implementation, taking into account a number of other factors that are not fully known in the case of designing and building prototype devices.

Furnace heating elements shielded in a way preventing direct radiation impact on any part of the charge.

CFD analysis in one od the key analysis methods used in engineering applications. The origins of CDF lies in the mankind’s effort to better understand the power of natural elements like wind, storm, floods or sea waves.

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